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July 22, 2011

The Wave-2011(Coyote Buttes North-Vermilion Cliffs

Berlin 18 juillet 2011 - Altes Museum

France Panoramic

Herbstliches Neubrandenburg

Herbstliches Neubrandenburg

Wallpapers 02 (1024X768)

Wallpapers 02 (1024X768)



This is one flower (or whats left of it) that I did not think looked pretty, but was interesting enough to shoot. This is a spent Clematis flower centre, the petals fall away leaving this on the plant. The "fur" is a new leaf opening. Thanks for picking this as a featured photo Picasa...

Hà nội, Việt Nam - Red river


Morning bliss...

landscapes around siena

Greece and Turkey


photo maniya


Giraffe im Tsavo Ost Nationalpark, Kenya

Glaciar Perito Moreno. El Calafate. Santa Cruz. Argentina. New photos for our new website

Lie flat

Am Grat über den Wolken mit Tiefblick in die Kangshungwand

Full screen + press f11


Yosemite, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Death Valley National Parks in California

Golden forest in the Pacific NW - Index, WA Nikon D200/Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 12mm, 1/50 sec, f/3.5

Sunset over Mono Lake



13.06.2011 r. SAHARA w okolicach Erfoud.


Unterwegs mit dem IR-Filter 830nm - Nikon D300 - undefiniert umgebaut

July 4, 2011 (full-res)

landscapes around siena

Sunflowers through the sunset, from my bicycle...... :))

Night view from Burj Khalifa


பிளாகர் படங்கள்

பிளாகர் படங்கள்

July 21, 2011

Girl Tries To Kiss Irfan Pathan - Funny Mix

Irfan Pathan Hat-trick

Twenty20 World Championship Final - India Vs Pakistan - Pres

India vs Sri.Lanka - Highlights of World Cup 2011 Final 720p HD

India vs Australia Quarter Final Cricket World Cup 2011 Highlights Part 4

India Vs Pakistan World Cup Semi Final Highlights 30 March 2011 Cricke...

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Official theam song

Winning Moments: IPL 2011 Final - CSK vs RCB, MATCH74

2nd Inning Wickets: IPL 2011 Final - CSK vs RCB, MATCH74

1st Inning Highlights: IPL 2011 Final - CSK vs RCB, MATCH74

Full Match Highlights: IPL 2011 Final - CSK vs RCB, MATCH74